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You will need a valid credit card on file to book your time in our diaries - that's about as tricky as booking gets with us. We don't charge your card unless you fail to attend your appointment or give us 48 hours' notice of cancellation.  

If you're not sure what to book, the best thing to do is email with a photo of your hair and a photo of the desired look, and one of our team members will message back with what to book. 

We require a patch test on new guests - this is required to stay on your skin for 48 hours before a colour appointment with us. You can pop in for this anytime. 

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Do you know who you usually have? Book your stylist below. 

We don't mind who you book in with; feel free to try new stylists as and when you wish. You can read all about their different specialities in "about us". 

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Available during Prom & Bridal Season - May -> December. 

"Right from the very first phone call through to the end result, I received the best service. It's not like any salon I've been in before."

- Charlotte, Facebook Reviewer

What do I need to book? 

Here you'll find the most common colour techniques that we get asked for. If you're not sure what to book, please feel free to call us or email us for help. It's imperative that you're booked in for the right amount of time on the day, as all colour techniques have different processing and application times.  

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Balayage - 
We work with your own hair colour in deep triangle sections, hand-painting colour in a non-systematic approach. Balayage gives a beautifully natural result that makes hair look sunkissed - £140.00.

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Root Smudge - 
You may have colour on your mid-lengths and ends that you're happy with, but you're not happy with the re-growth colour, or want the top of your hair to be darker to allow for longer periods between hairdresser visits. We seamlessly blend your colour at the top with existing colour - £50.00.


Flamboyage - 
The most subtle way of adding colour to hair. We call this "peek-a-boo" colour. The placement is natural, and hair isn't obviously coloured, just splashes of colour show here and there - £70.00.


Balayage and Root Smudge - 
Sometimes you want your root colour to be slightly darker or greys covered, and then fresh balayage below. We also call this melted highlights because all the colours melt beautifully into one another producing a stunning, natural effect - £190.00.


Highlights - 
Systematically woven in sections, it's possible to weave multiple colours together to get a beautiful mix of colours. Highlights can sometimes be too "stripey" for some people's taste nowadays, but still remain popular due to semi-low maintenance - £110.00 (full head).


All Over Colour  - 
One colour, all over the hair. This is great if you've been using box colour for years or simply want a glossy colour to cover greys. This gives us a perfect base to work from in the future - £60.00


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